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DiRT Rally News

Interview: Paul Coleman at the DiRT Rally showcase

DiRT Rally released today and I was lucky enough to be in South bank, London, where they held a launch event to celebrate this brilliant Rally game. The square at the South bank centre was covered wit...

Do DiRT Rally with friends

Codemasters are slowly revealing the main features for their incoming, slightly filthy racer, DiRT Rally. You will be able to take on the world’s best rally racers in motorised racing combat as ...

DiRT Rally crack out the community trailer

What’s better than watching developer gameplay videos of your favourite games? How about watching gameplay videos of your favourite games, brought together by the developers, from the community?...

New content incoming for DiRT Rally Console Launch

DiRT Rally will be getting brand new content when it release on consoles this April At launch, the console versions will introduce a full gravel version of Pikes Peak, a series of video tutorials that...

DiRT Rally heading to consoles

Codemasters revealed today that DiRT Rally will be heading to consoles next April. If you have a PC you can play the full game today. The game has been available for a while via Steam Early Access, an...