Disney Infinity Delayed

Disney Infinity Delayed

Disney Infinity BannerDisney Infinity is a game that was announced by Disney that is their answer to Skylanders.

Now due to the excitement, hording, addiction, and general erratic nature of the people who buy the Skylanders figures,  Disney Infinity seems like a hugely solid investment. Taking a hugely popular platform, and fusing it with some of the most beloved characters over several generation is nothing short of genius.

Now as a grown man who was very excited to buy this, it saddens me to announce that the game has been delayed until August at the request of retailers. Their reasoning is that they would prefer the game be released when consumers are more like to make a purchase. The thought process is sound as people would be buying the game in August, then tons of figures will be bought around Christmas time.

The genius is even more apparent when you figure in the fact that they are intending to beat out Skylanders Swap Force which is out this Autumn.

Here is just one example of the awesome figures you can expect to be collecting from this August.

Disney Infinity Figure

Disney Infinity and many of its figures will be released August 18th in North America, around Europe on August 20th, and August 23rd in the UK.