Disney reveal TRON RUN/r is coming to Xbox One soon


If you’re a gamer and haven’t seen TRON, then stop reading this immediately, go and find it and watch it. Once you’ve done that, come back here and try not to derezz yourself with excitement. Disney Interactive have announced that their neon outlined adventure runner TRON RUN/r is coming to Xbox One in February.

Promising lightning fast action and the opportunity to ride lightcycles as well as throw the identity light-discs, this is looking to become the definitive TRON title so far.

The game will feature more than 30 levels, spread across the three gameplay modes, Stream, Cycle and Disc. It will also allow you to customise and upgrade your character. All of this will be set to an EDM soundtrack, composed by Raney Shockne and Giorgio Moroder.

TRON RUN/r is heading to Xbox One on the 16th of February.

On the other side of the screen, it all looks so easy.

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