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Posters made out of metal

After moving into a larger family home, I found myself able to reinstate the man cave. After decorating the walls, building my desk and chair for my console, and assembling some display cases for all my gaming memorabilia, it was time to turn my attention to what to hang on the walls. I’ve plenty of posters, but I wanted something a bit different. Something unique that suited my place of sanctuary.

While searching the Internet I came across Displate – artwork from over 1,000 artists that is printed onto metal sheets. After looking through the various collections I chose five plates from the Gaming Characters collection, by Eden Design. There are 31 designs in the collection – I picked Crysis’ Nomad, Halo’s Master Chief, Agent 47 from Hitman, Lara Croft and Portal’s GLaDOS – their awesome style was a perfect fit for my man cave.

Each plate is £33, which may seem a tad expensive, but the plates don’t need framing and each one comes with a magnet to fix it to the wall. The FAQs warn that attaching the adhesive magnets to wallpaper is not ideal, but I really wanted these to go on my worn brick feature wall so I decided to mount a small wood square to the wall with screws and raw plugs. I then attached the magnets to them rather than risk the weight of the plates causing a tear in my paper. Once the magnets are in place, the plates can be swapped around easily, perfect if you’re indecisive.

The plates arrived via DHL; each was well packed and protected in plastic wrapping, but that didn’t stop two of them from having some minor damage – maybe it was from how the ink dried. Luckily it’s only noticeable close up and doesn’t spoil the plates so I didn’t feel the need to ask Displate to fix them. No doubt the paint could scratch off if you’re not careful, the metal also holds fingerprints so handle each one with care if you want to keep them in tiptop condition.

It’s a shame the plates don’t come in bigger sizes, although if they did it could be an issue with the weight of each one. At 45cm (17,7″) x 32cm (12,6″) each piece weighs 0.9 kg. (2 lbs). Once you have a few up, the size is perfect.


Minus a slight scuff in the paint, the five Displates I have chosen finish off my room perfectly, their uniqueness gets comments from those visiting, as do my bright lime green walls…

For 20% off your order, enter ‘summertime’ when prompted and get free shipping if you purchase three or more plates. For every plate you purchase, Displate will plant 10 trees.

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  • Stephen Ablett

    I am from England, UK. I ordered five Displates, that
    arrived from Poland within two days of making the order. That is fast. There
    was no customs tax and postage was free (because I ordered more than three).
    They came by DHL courier.

    They come securely packaged in a Displate box. Each
    picture wrapped in film for protection. There is a 2″ self-adhesive square
    magnet that you stick to the wall. The Displate then sticks to that and it’s
    done. You can move it around to it aligns with other pictures. However be aware
    that the wallpaper must be clean as you don’t want dirt affecting the adhesive.
    There may be some surfaces it won’t like. But just like you can’t nail into
    glass, you can’t stick a magnet to a wet surface. Some common sense has to be

    I have had them on the wall for over a week and they
    haven’t moved. They are metal though and should over time the magnet weaken, it’s
    not as if there is a frame or glass to be broken. I could just get another
    magnet and put it back up. I doubt that will ever be needed, but should you
    move home and want to take the pictures with you, that is probably what you
    will have to do.

    They are a light metal, which helps with them staying on
    the wall. Just don’t expect a steel bar strength to them.

    The pictures themselves measure 455mm by 315mm. The image
    goes around the edge, so the 3mm sides are coloured and bends around to 5mm on
    the back (useful info for artists).

    The print quality is fantastic. Very detailed (in the
    images I saw). Four of them were perfect. The fifth had a slight issue in one
    corner. It was tiny and I didn’t know if it was bad enough to complain over. I
    also didn’t want to deal with the trouble of posting it back internationally. I
    contacted them though just to see what there response would be. They asked me
    to send them a few photos. They sent me a replacement immediately, without
    having to post anything back, paying anymore money or hassle. There customer
    service is EXCEPTIONAL which is partly why I am taking the time to post this review.

    The artwork is exactly what I wanted. I ordered five
    “Car Legends” prints and they look absolutely stunning. I have
    already ordered five more for another room, and a sixth for a Christmas
    present. I do believe you need either 3, 5, or 9 of them to make a great
    looking wall. On their own they feel a little small and its only when placed
    side-by-side with others that they stand out as a collection.

    I suppose that is my only criticism. These pictures are
    not cheap for the average consumer but their quality shows. They always have a
    20% code somewhere, so search the net. I know occasionally (like Halloween)
    they have 30% off so it might be worth waiting if you want to order a lot.

    I looked into the ways to make money with Displate.
    Anyone can create their own gallery of “liked” Displate, and anyone
    that buys from that gallery earns you 5%. A few adverts on Facebook can start
    making you some money, with very little effort on your part.

    The artists who designed the image however only earn 25%
    from each sale, which is a little low in my opinion. After taxes it’s not the
    best, but then you get to see your creative art in homes around the world, and
    have it featured in an international shop. If the alternative is just to have
    it gathering dust on your hard-drive, then its money in the pocket which is
    always needed.

    They take PayPal, but there is a surcharge for using it,
    which is not cheap. So I paid via credit card instead which had no fees.

    In conclusion, they have surpassed all my expectations
    and I recommend them entirely.