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I’ve always enjoyed fighting games but frankly, the genre has been in dire need of a face lift. The vast majority of the games hitting store shelves are identical to the last but with a few characters having slightly different skins but DiveKick is here to break that generic mould. It’s finally hitting the Xbox One marketplace through the ID@Xbox program after releasing on every other platform imaginable.

The concept behind DiveKick is fairly simple, the game revolves around the player using two buttons to perform two different actions and yes, you  guessed it; one button makes the player dive and the other button makes you kick. It may sound simple but this two-button fighting makes some truly epic encounters between yourself, other players and the computer. As soon as you kick the other player, they’ll instantly die and it’s just a matter of doing that five times to win a match. It comes down to whether or not you’re able to bait your opponent into making the first move and whether you’re able to quickly take advantage of their mistake.


Most fighting games have a god awful story mode but the one in DiveKick is surprisingly entertaining. Each of the characters included in the base game have their own original story which is shown in cartoon-strip form and some are pretty damn funny. DiveKick shows you the original of how Johnny Gat entered the world of DiveKick to ‘Redacted’ a skunk bear who drank radioactive waste and is now stealing cigars.

One of the most important features of any fighting game is the fighters that are available to the player and from the very beginning, they’re all available to the player. In total, there are twelve different characters, each of which have several different outfits but these are nothing more than changing the characters jacket and trouser colour. DiveKick certainly contains some of the more ‘out there’ characters such as letting you control Saints Row’s Johnny Gat to a chap who wears boots on both his feet and his hands.


All of the characters have their own unique traits and special abilities that can be unlocked by filling the meter in the bottom corner of the screen, this can be sped up by taking advantage of the gems available which can be changed at any time. These special abilities come in a variety of different forms from super kicking speed to summoning black holes that keep your opponent stuck in the air, it’s all a bit wacky!  If you’re someone who is easily offended, you may want to pass on DiveKick as it has a very distinct sense of humour. Every character you run into in DiveKick acts and sounds exactly how you imagine.

DiveKick offers players the generic game modes that fighting games offer; an incredibly short story mode for each  character which contains a range of fairly entertaining cut scenes as well as a versus mode which can be played either locally or online. Unlike others, DiveKick doesn’t include any form of challenge or skirmish mode for people who prefer playing offline, which is fairly disappointing, especially as someone who isn’t fond of constantly being crushed online because of the games poor matchmaking. It’d be nice to at least be matched against a similar skill level instead of gods at this two-button fighter.


Without a doubt, DiveKick is a damn good looking game from start to finish, its cartoony art style is easy on the eye and it’s worth checking out for this reason alone. Everything from the colourful and unique character models to the weird and wonderful worlds that you’ll battle people from around the world on, they all look fantastic and each come with a backing track that fits.

DiveKick is a fantastic addition to the fighting genre just because of how different it is; something so simple leads to endless amounts of entertainment, as long as you’re willing to play multiplayer as there is very little single player content and the online component suffers from poor matchmaking. It’s still colourful and crisp art style works incredibly well with the entertaining commentary and well worth checking out just for this.

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