DmC Alternate Costume Pack DLC Dated January 29


Capcom has updated their blog today to announce that the Alternate Costume Pack will be heading to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for download on January 29th for North America, but one day later for Europeans on January 30th 2013.

The price for all three costumes in the pack: Classic (DMC3 era) Dante, Dark Dante, and Neo Dante will be just 320 Microsoft Points. It was also confirmed that “the free Bloody Palace mode will be coming in the near future.” Meanwhile, you still have the Vergil’s Downfall expansion to look forward to at the end of February.

We recently reviewed DmC Devil May Cry and rated it 8.5/10

“…Dante’s new-look has been under scrutiny for the better part of a year. But it’s a new game, new story, new Dante, new Vergil. Quite frankly, it works…deal with it.

Does it hold up against the pandemic that is Devil May Cry 1-4?

Yes, and then some. DmC: Devil May Cry can stand proudly beside its step-brothers. It can even look down on a couple of them and laugh proudly (I’m looking at you 2 and 4).

With DmC: Devil May Cry, Ninja Theory has definitely hit the “Jackpot”.

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