Do some time with Prison Architect


Ah, porridge. Time spent doing ‘bird’. The lags that are incarcerated in the prisons nowadays have more perks than you can shake a policeman’s truncheon at. The chances are that they’ll get the opportunity to play the freshly announced Prison Architect on their shiny Xbox One, just before lights out.

Prison Architect does exactly what it says on the tin. Design and create your own denizen of inmates. Keep them happy. Keep them entertained. Feed them, exercise them. Stop them from wrecking the joint. Manage your own maximum security prison and try not to let any of them escape to become soldiers of fortune.

Initially released on PC last October, the Xbox One and 360 edition of Prison Architect will feature a unique Prison Warden Mode. This drops you into a pre-built prison to get yourself stuck into the rioting oiks as soon as possible. You can also share your prisons online with the console edition’s unique World of Wardens.

Cope with blazing infernos, riots, demolition and construction. Make it through all of that unscathed and the local mayor will give you free-reign to design the lock-up of your dreams.

When can you get your hands on the keys? Well, the doors will be opening in the Spring of this year, and if you’re lucky, you might not get out for a very, very long time, sonny.

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