Don’t Starve: Giant Edition for Xbox One leaked

Don’t Starve: Giant Edition for Xbox One leaked


Kudos to Twitter user @lifelower. They spotted a listing on the German ratings board that seemed to confirm the PC hit, Don’t Starve, will be coming to Xbox One, called Don’t Starve: Giant Edition.


A listing on a rating’s site doesn’t necessarily mean the game is coming out though. Usually, this is confirmed by either developer or publisher, with both at the same time being a good idea, especially if their relationship wants to maintain a good footing.

Klei Entertainment have taken to Twitter also to confirm the impending release, which could only be a good thing.


The game already has a console release, with the WiiU version containing Don’t Starve and the Reign of the Giants expansion pack and it is widely expected that the Xbox One version will follow the same format.

No information on a release date has been forthcoming, but you can lay your next meal on the line with the knowledge that as soon as we know, we’ll let you know too.

The following presentation is the Don’t Starve, Reign of Giants trailer, it makes no offer of popcorn or over-priced pick ‘n’ mix.