DOOM adds new content in update 5


Are you all set for a new crack at disemboweling demons? Bethesda Softworks’ DOOM reboot has just had a whole slew of free new content added in their very latest round of improvements, update 5.

Available now, update 5 will bring the following features to the hordes of hell-slaying shooter:


  • Infernal Run: This all new competitive game mode sees teams fight for control of the (eye) ball to strive to score in the opponent’s goal.
  • Bots: A much-requested addition to DOOM, bots will be available on the original multiplayer maps in Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch game modes.
  • Echelon 11 rank: Multiplayer rank now extends to Echelon 11, level 50. Once you reach this new highest ranking you will unlock the signature DOOM Marine Armour, the Praetor Suit.

New SnapMap features:

  • Play as the DOOM Marine in the Praetor Suit armour.
  • More elements from the campaign, allowing you to play and create even more campaign-like experiences.
  • Over 30 Lazarus Lab themed modules and props.
  • Improved object limits.
  • Acess of the Leaderboard score in the HUD.
  • Plasma weapon mastery.

The full update patch notes can be found here.

The update also resolves an issue where rapid controller input caused unusually high shotgun damage. I wondered why I was so good at the game.

To celebrate the release of update 5, double XP is now available for multiplayer content, ending at 5PM GMT on the 12th of December.

But wait, that isn’t all.

Bethesda have revealed that the third and final DLC pack, titled Bloodfall, will be available from the 15th of December. With it, you’ll be able to turn invisible as the Spectre Pinky demon as you battle across three whole new maps.

It’s the season for giving, so with these new additions to the DOOM family, are you tempted to dip your armoured toe back in to the fiery pits of hell?

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