E3 Bethesda Conference – Doom coming Spring ’16

Doom returns in style as Bethesda and ID returns to the games’ roots.

Big ass guns, and lots of blood, that’s what you think of when it comes to Doom. If this is what you’re expecting you won’t be disappointed.

Coming to our living rooms in Spring 2016, Doom promises to deliver everything we love about the series. Fast-paced action, badass demons, and of course big effing guns!

With a campaign visiting locations such as Mars and Hell, you will be treated to stunning locations, and crazy enemies.

As well as the single player campaign, Doom will bring with it a frantic and exciting multiplayer mode, which will have the classic multiplayer modes such as domination and deathmatch.

ID Software have also announced that with Doom, a new way to create custom games will be coming. Doom SnapMap will enable all players to create fully custom multiplayer and co-op matches, think Halo Forge, which can then be shared instantly with friends and people all around the world irregardless of platform

Doom will be with us in Spring 2016

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