DOOM pre-order details revealed


I remember playing DOOM on my very first Windows PC. I used to play it in the dark with surround-sound speakers and scare the pants off myself. It was great. When I learned that id Software and Bethesda were bringing it bang up to date and dragging it kicking and screaming to consoles, I have to admit to letting out a little bit of a whoop.

The time for release is nearly upon us and the developers have now detailed the pre-order bonuses you can get should you take that option from today. Unveiling a Collector’s Edition that is expected to retail at $119.99/£99.99, this version of DOOM will include a fully realised 12″ tall collector’s statue of one of the game’s most iconic demons, the Revenant.

Any pre-order, be it Standard or Collector’s Edition, will also receive the Demon Multiplayer Pack which contains the following kit:

  • Unique Demon Armour with three skin variations
  • Six metallic paint colours and three id logo patterns for weapons and armour
  • Six Hack Modules; one-time consumable items that could give you that edge

DOOM itself is released on the 13th of May this year, and you can get a look at the pre-order Collector’s Revenant statue, below.


Here’s the celebratory Campaign trailer that Bethesda have released today.

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