Dropshot comes to Rocket League

Dropshot comes to Rocket League

We all love a bit of Rocket League don’t we?

This is possibly due to the way that independent developer Psyonix has supported it since release on Xbox in early 2016, with the free game modes of “Rumble”, “Hoops” and “Mutator” being added as the year progressed.

Well, there’s more! On March 22nd 2017, a new game mode called “Dropshot” will be added, that adds an all-new layer to the game’s frenetic gameplay, as players must break through the floor of the arena in order to score.

Dropshot takes place in a new hexagonal arena, with no goalposts to be seen. Instead, players must use an electrified ball to break and open the floor in the opponents half of the pitch. As an added twist, the electrified ball will gain strength as players continue to hit and dribble it, with harder hits giving stronger damage potential that can be unleashed on your opponents floor.

New achievements will also be available, which is always tremendous news to hear, and this update will also see the start of competitive season 4, for all of you who don’t jump and miss the ball every time (like me)!

And how much will this new mode cost? Well like the previous playlist additions already mentioned, it will be free, so get your rocket powered football cars ready for action!

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