Dying Light Xbox One release dates confirmed


OK, so the Dying Light news is now coming thick and fast. Only this morning we brought you footage of the developers playing the game in co-op mode and now we have some  more exciting news coming out of  Techland.

The Xbox One digital release of Dying Light will hit the Store on the 28th of January. A little under a week to get your digital mits on this zombie apocalypse. Want to feel that cold Blu-Ray disc between your fingers? You’ll have to wait a little bit longer for this, but not too much longer, as the physical release is due to come out on the 27th of February.

Those of us who have pre-ordered the physical release will get two lots of fantastic DLC free!

That’ll be ‘Cuisine and Cargo’ and ‘Ultimate Survivor Bundle’, absolutely free.

So, a little under a week for the digital release, a little over a month for the physical. Exciting stuff.

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