Dying Light’s companion app launched

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With review-writing colleagues furiously writing reviews, what else, for Dying Light, Techland have released a new companion app for iOS and Android.

This free app is billed as your one-way ticket to Harran, the zombie-infested city in which you’ve managed to survive, so far.

You are a newly promoted scout commander. Organise your scouts as they embark on dangerous missions. Find new recruits and assemble a team that is best suited to each mission type then watch them come back with supplies and the whiff of victory. Send the wrong people out though and they’ll come back as the animated undead.

Components, gear and supplies that your scouts gather as booty can be transferred to your character in Dying Light when it’s released. You can do this by creating an account in the game when you’ve loaded it all up.

Dying Light is released digitally on the 28th of January and physically on the 27th of February. Good luck, scout commander.

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