E3 2012 – Microsoft to showcase Internet Browser for Xbox 360?

According to one of our favourite website’s The Verge (even though we despise one member of their staff with a passion – and I mean DESPISE *just saying*) Microsoft is currently testing a version of Internet Explorer on the Xbox 360 console. This could mean a full-on reveal for E3 2012 which is just a few mere weeks away now!

If the rumour is to be believed it apparently includes Bing voice search limited to media results – and they have been told that the browser will let Xbox users surf all parts of the web straight from their living rooms. Hell yeah!!

It is also claimed that Microsoft has integrated Kinect gestures and voice control heavily into the experience, allowing Xbox owners to quickly search using the existing Bing functionality and pull up relevant web pages.

Nothing has been announced from Microsoft as of yet, but last month we reported the news that Microsoft staff were currently Beta Testing a new dashboard update for 2012.

We’ll bring you the lowdown as soon as anything comes to light officially.

Via (Verge)

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