E3 2014 – Predictions for Next Months Show

E3 2014

E3 2014 is now just a mere few weeks away, with both Microsoft and EA confirming their schedules from June 9th 2014 onwards there are some obvious choices at this years show we can expect to see, but what about the surprises?

It goes without saying that Microsoft will throw one of the biggest franchises in your face this year with a multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – the new futuristic based first person shooter from Sledgehammer Games. Not only is this the first Call of Duty to have a three year development cycle, but it could just be the biggest thing since the original Modern Warfare! Next-gen console receives next-gen shooter, as the game has been developed for next-gen consoles with another developer taking the reigns on Xbox 360 and PS3. It will be another obvious self-praising procedure to remind everyone that DLC will be released first on Xbox One and Xbox 360 yet again!

Halo – this seems to be a little dark horse that has managed to keep all information about exactly what is being developed under wraps. Nice to see no leaks pouring online about story, multiplayer maps or anything else tied to the new Halo game for Xbox One. Although we will call this Halo 5, I am more inclined to believe that Halo on Xbox One will be stripped of the 5. It might even be just called Halo, or rather entertaining if it was Halo One! Aside from the game itself expect some coverage on new TV action series, movies or documentaries – or even some other crap that might have had millions spent on it you may only watch just the once!

A much larger focus on indies this year because at some point in your subscription some pile of shit game that was rushed out using the UNITY engine will be free as part of Games for Gold on Xbox One whenever that is set to officially roll out? Better interaction or new features for Xbox LIVE on mobiles and tablet devices could be on the cards – imagine that wherever you were able to access Xbox LIVE, that you were also able to access the apps on it too? Maybe, maybe not.

Microsoft could announce a new cheaper Xbox One console, a bundle that ships without Kinect and with a smaller HDD. On the flip side some external storage could be sold separately or a new Xbox One with an even bigger HDD than you could possibly imagine. Fancy a whole 5TB drive in that shiny dust magnet? Other off the wall ideas could see Microsoft surprise the world with an even smaller Xbox 360. Something disc-drive-less, tiny that will allow you to extend your LIVE experience on to more TV’s. An Xbox AB?

Future improvements to the lack-lustre awful Xbox One UI could be announced. A serious overhaul is needed and STILL where is voice messaging support. A feature for Xbox 360 on its day one launch completely omitted for next-gen with no update from Microsoft to confirm if it will ever return. Are we all banished to the naughty step of Skype?

Why not share your E3 2014 thoughts or predictions in the comments below – and look out for our coverage in the coming weeks.

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