E3 News

Microsoft preparing for ‘Biggest Ever’ E3 show on June 10th

Mark those calenders people, as Microsoft have announced that they are planning for their biggest ever E3 show on June 10th 2018 at 1pm Pacific time, which mean...

E3 2016 Show Times

In order to plan your excuses for going home early from work, or turning up late, or having extended breaks, you need to know when the E3 conferences are taking place. So here they are, adjusted for BST:

EA – 2100 June 12

Bethesda – 0300 June 13

Microsoft – 1730 June 13

PC Gaming Show – 2000 June 13

Ubisoft – 2100 June 13

Sony – 0200 June 14

TiX E3 2016 Video Playlist