E3 Rumour: Xbox Fusion LIVE Entertainment Hub For Your TV

Two pieces of information was forwarded to thisisxbox.com by email today with information about a new smaller form of Xbox console set to be revealed at this years E3 2012 expo.

XBOX Fusion LIVE has been described to us on the “QT” as a small piece of hardware designed as a set top box with Kinect integration (sold separately). It will have wireless capabilities to the same standard as the current Xbox S console and feature its own online dashboard. Memory will come in the form of 16GB built in with USB slots available for extra storage and Xbox 360 controller support.

Xbox Fusion LIVE will host it’s own metro themed dashboard, have the Xbox LIVE Arcade game store, Games on Demand, the App’s Marketplace, Zune Marketplace and should be regarded as an entertainment centre for additional televisions in the home not connected to Xbox 360 consoles… or could be a great way for non gamers to have access to all the great entertainment experiences from the current Xbox LIVE Dashboard without the need for games.

Fusible are also reporting the newly registered Microsoft Domains of XboxFL.com and XboxFL.net which is currently forwarding visitors to the Bing search engine? Could this be for the Xbox Fusion LIVE device or something related to Florida instead?

When/if Microsoft reveal more information we’ll keep you posted.

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