Final Fantasy VII remake announced

Final Fantasy VII remake announced


Some eighteen, that’s right, eighteen, years after it was first released and after countless campaigns to have a remake of it, Square Enix look to have finally got with the program and revealed Final Fantasy VII remake at this year’s E3 Sony conference. What were we doing monitoring that, I hear you ask? Checking on the competition, of course.

Initially looking like a timed PS4 exclusive (implied in the ‘Play it first on PS4’ tagline), this will, hopefully, finally appease long-time fans of the series that have been clamouring for this remake.

An official press release from Square Enix later and it would appear that there may still be a long wait for this much-coveted title.

At Sony Computer Entertainment of America LLC’s (SCEA) E3 press conference today, Square Enix, announced that it has begun production on the full remake of Final Fantasy VII..

Begun production? This is going to take a while, but looking at what is admittedly the PS4 reveal trailer, it is already looking stunning.

There’s no release date even pencilled in currently, but as ever, when there’s more to report, you can find it right here.

The trailer that I mentioned, is below. Enjoy Final Fantasy fans.