E3 Square Enix Conference – round-up

The final conference we’re covering is Square Enix, and this is a first for them at E3 so let’s see how they do.

First up is Just Cause 3, showing off the destructible buildings, retractable grappling hook, and adrenaline fuelled action amongst explosion filled gun fights, wing suit flying, two-handed weapons firing from a stable parachute, and physics based carnage. It looks terrific and we can’t wait to play it when it releases on December 1st this year.

Next up Platinum games have something to tease. Concept art with subtle animation and a quick, animated character reveal is all they can show us before the title Nier New Project appears. More information is due in the fall, and for now all they’re saying is it’s coming to PS4, hopefully it’ll hit Xbox One as well; we’re big fans of the original.

Just Cause 3

Rise of the Tomb Raider makes an appearance next, showing the same gameplay footage seen at the Microsoft conference before a short behind the scenes look at developers, Crystal Dynamics, showing us the level of detail on Lara and her clothes, which get dirty and blood stained during combat, and collect snow in snowy environments. It’s certainly a superbly detailed looking game, and if it’s half as good as the first one then we’re in for a treat, and with the promise of far more tombs to explore we’re pretty excited to play it.

Square Enix aren’t done with Tomb Raider reveals yet, as Lara Croft Go is revealed, a turn based exploration games similar to the Hitman Go title. This is coming soon to mobile.

After a montage of game footage including a look at Final Fantasy 14, Life is Strange and Dragon Quest Heroes, a missing translator adds some confusion as to what’s being said on stage before the same Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer from the Sony conference is shown. More information on the remake is due in the Winter, but they were quick to point out it’s only just started development, so it’ll be a while off. As for the PS4 version of the PC port of the original FF7, that will released this Winter, and by the end of the Summer for iOS. Hopefully we’ll see it on Xbox One as well, same goes for the remake which is currently only being talked about on PS4.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Next up was footage of a new Kingdom Hearts game, Kingdom Hearts X Unchained, coming to mobile, before some gameplay footage of Kingdom Hearts 3, looking as detailed, fast paced, and fantastic as we’d expect.

A new Final Fantasy game was revealed next, World of Final Fantasy, an incredibly cute looking title with a toy figurine aesthetic. You must defeat and then recruit Final Fantasy monsters to your party, and can shrink them and yourself to ride each other. Depending on how characters and monsters are stacked determines their strengths, abilities and weaknesses. It’s scheduled for release in 2016, and once again they’re talking about PS4 and PS Vita, but here’s hoping the Xbox One gets a release too.

World of Final Fantasy

Another montage shows off a bunch more titles, some of which we’ve already seen as well as some footage from the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 15.

Next up was more information on the new Hitman title. New content will be frequently created and released based on player feedback. Meanwhile, the player created contracts from the previous title return, as well as new persistent outcome mission where you get one chance to play it and whatever happens can’t be changed.

Square Enix next announced a partnership with Tri Ace on PS4 exclusive title, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, due for release in 2016.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was up next, showing off some gameplay footage and claiming multiple endings dependent on your actions throughout the game. Once again you play as Adam Jensen, and can play through the game with stealth, brute force, or a mixture of the two. It looks visually impressive, with large areas teeming with physics-based objects. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is scheduled for release early 2016.

The conference closes with the announcement of a new JRPG focused studio, Tokyo RPG Factory, who are working on a new game called Project Setsuna, due for release in 2016, but with only concept art to tease us, information in thin on the ground.

Marred by poor structure, dodgy translations and confusion, the Square Enix conference was certainly the weakest from this year’s E3. But amongst the awkward was some great footage of some great games, so there’s still plenty to be excited about coming from Square Enix this year and next. It was a shame to only see some titles in montages, though.

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