EA Job Vacancy Hints Crysis 3 In The Works?

Electronic Arts (EA) has listed a recent job posting looking for a Video Director to work with Crytek on a currently unannounced game.

Crysis 2 was released for the Xbox 360 early last year, and the successful candidate having knowledge of the CryEngine is listed as a bonus. The vacancy is assumed likely to be related to the development of a new Crysis title because of EA being the publisher. All other games developed by Crytek, such as Far Cry and the upcoming next-gen title RYSE – are published by Ubisoft and Microsoft respectively.

The vacancy is only for a 12 month contract position to work at the EA studio’s in Guildford, UK which could lead us to predict that if this is for Crysis 3, then a release date would look promising for early 2013

When official announcements are made, we’ll keep you updated – a reminder of the awesome Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Announce Trailer is below:

(via AGB)

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