Earth Hour inspired Turn On incoming

turn on

Unless you’ve been living under a metaphorical rock, you had to have come across Earth Hour. This movement started in 2007 in Australia to highlight the power that people have to change climate change. What started out as a simple lights-off event has become a world-wide phenomenon, adopted by the WWF, in pretty short order. Russian developer, Brainy Studio, have taken the concept and wrapped it into a new puzzle title.

Turn On will be coming to Xbox One on the 1st of June this year and aims to highlight the concept of a life without electricity. Game Designer for Brainy Studios, Ilia Antonov, introduced the developers to the idea and the beginnings of Turn On were conceived.

The game will challenge players across an incredibly colourful and detailed set of puzzles. The plot centres around a small spark named Turnon. This alien space object flew through the atmosphere and hit the city’s power station. That happy accident sparks a shock that brings Turnon alive and gives it rational thought. The city is now without power though. This small blue fireball with a face now must restore power back to the homes of the citizens. To help Turnon, a scientist from the power station, Professor Brain finds the little alien and decides to assist. The Professor has a unique electrically powered minibus and you’ll use this to move around the districts as you attempt to restore power to the whole of the city.

Along the way, you’ll find out what can happen if the electricity suddenly disappears from a world that depends so much on it. Solve puzzles and figure out how to turn on the lights in every home as well as fight unexpected enemies. This puzzle-platformer also has a unique twist. There are no platforms. Turnon moves through the electrical wiring, combining explorartion and music levels to vary the gameplay.

Turn On will be heading to Xbox One, as long as it has electricity to power it, on the 1st of June.

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