EastAsiaSoft find Lost Sea


In this world of so many new games, it’s easy to overlook or miss a few when they’re announced. Back in October last year, I missed a trailer for Lost Sea. I wish I hadn’t, I’ve wasted lots of ‘being excited’ time.

Lost Sea is a 3D strategy game that is set on a procedurally generated archipelago. As ragtag survivors of a plane crash in the Bermuda Triangle, it’s up to you to lead your crew as they hunt for the necessary resources to upgrade their self-built ship and make their escape.

This cartoon B-Movie universe holds a few surprises though and our intrepid hero has to survive encounters with exotic creatures and mysterious, powerful relics in order to escape. You’ll need more than just your combat skills to survive.

The game also promises to bring you player ability and special move progression upgrades, scavenging and rescue missions, secret support totems to find and activate. You will also be able to recruit new crew members with differing abilities. This is useful to be able to forge the correct skill set for each mission. Protect your crew though, as once they’re gone, they’re lost forever.

Lost Sea is coming via the ID@Xbox program sometime between now and the end of 2015.

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