Eidos Confirm Next-Gen Xbox Blocks Used Games

Eidos Confirm Next-Gen Xbox Blocks Used Games


The next-generation of Xbox is one of the closest guarded secrets of the Microsoft Corp’ Camp – you’ll find no leaked controller pictures anywhere with this upcoming baby, but Eidos’ Ian Livingstone has confirmed in an interview that the upcoming next Xbox console will indeed watermark discs so they are unusable on other machines.

Livingstone is currently in India promoting the new Tomb Raider game and was interviewed by the GameGuru.in team whilst on his travels. The confirmation that Xbox 720, Xbox 8, Loop, Infinity (whatever it will be called) blocking used games will surely be a massive blow to retailers who rely on the trade-ins and used game market to supplement their sales.

It was also confirmed that the next Xbox does require an ‘always-on’ internet connection, so if you’re having bandwidth issues or on a capped data plan – you might want to consider upgrading!

Nothing has yet been confirmed by Microsoft, but with Sony soon to announce a new Playstation console and publishers looking to showcase their latest games on next-gen hardware – a reveal is logically imminent.

Source: GameGuru.IN

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