Eidos Montreal Has a New 3rd-person Action-Adventure In Development for Xbox One


Eidos Montreal is said to be at work on a new (as yet unannounced) third-person action-adventure game that will also be released on Xbox One. This is according to the LinkedIn profiles of various employees who have been slaving away at the development since November 2013 following the completion of THIEF.

So far two different members of the development team at the Eidos Montreal studio have updated their LinkedIn profiles to include mentions of this unannounced game. Both the senior game designer and level artist started work on the title since November 2013 as confirmed by those two dev’s. For the record, Eidos Montreal are currently developing a next-gen Deus Ex title and will release THIEF next month, but the new development is unrelated – nothing “official” has yet been announced.

We’ll keep you updated in due course and keeping everything including our balls crossed this is not Kane & Lynch goes next-gen!

Thanks VideoGamer

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