Elder Games hand us Solar Shifter EX


Elder Games have been around for a little while now, since 2007 in fact. They are behind the critically acclaimed real time strategy game, Meridian: New World on Steam. They’ve teamed up with publisher Headup Games to bring a new sci-fi shoot ’em up to Xbox One.

Called Solar Shifter EX, you are tasked with leaving a dying solar system behind at all costs before it’s extinction.

The ship, called the Phase Shifter, has been kitted out with a one of a kind jump drive that allows you to get out of tough situations at will. This skill will need mastering as the game promises fierce combat in space and over distant planet surfaces.

A bullet-hell is on the cards and you’re stuck right in the middle of it.

Solar Shifter EX is coming to Xbox One in 2016.

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