Elite: Dangerous flies in with a release date


Who loved Elite when it came out all those years ago? OK, OK, I’m an old git (No comments from the Editorial Team, thank you), and I actually remember the first version coming out. Frontier have had their epic space shooter and follow-up to the original, Elite: Dangerous, in the Xbox Preview Program for a while now, giving gamers the chance to see the development of the game itself.

Frontier have now decided on a full-on release date to all the lesser mortals who for some unknown reason, aren’t on the Preview Program. That release date was confirmed by none other than the legendary David Braben himself during the Reddit AMA.

Braben also confirmed that any ships and modules acquired through the Preview will not carry through to the full release, which means all that hard work will need to be done again, but the equivalent items worth of cash will be deposited into each player’s in-game inventory at launch.

Braben also confirmed that Preview players will also get an exclusive reward, but the content of this remains a mystery.

That release date, well, it’s October the 6th, a mere 4 weeks away.

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