Elite Dangerous: Horizons landing on Xbox One

Elite Dangerous: Horizons

Frontier Development, makers of the game Elite Dangerous have announced that the long-awaited expansion Horizons will land on the Xbox One this Q2.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons is part of the new season of gameplay expansions coming to the game. This will expand the depth and playability of the epic space game by introducing new features like Loot and Crafting, Multicrew cooperative play and Planetary Landings.

The first expansion coming to Xbox One, Horizons, will give you the chance to go seamlessly from space to the surface of a planet or moon. Landing anywhere you choose you can then explore the surface in the all-terrain SRV Surface Recon Vehicle. Alongside this players will also be introduced to The Engineers.

The Engineers is a sweeping, game-changing update that brings even more personality and personalization to Elite Dangerous, putting a face to every mission and adding a range of customization and crafting options that will make every ship in the Elite Dangerous galaxy unique.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons Planetary Landing

Anyone who purchases this update will receive further updates as the season continues. Future gameplay updates will début for PC and Xbox One simultaneously, enriching the Elite Dangerous experience with new activities and new ways to play including:

  • Multicrew, allowing teams of players to assume roles aboard the same ship.
  • Commander Creation, giving a unique appearance to players’ in-game avatars.
  • Ship-Launched Fighters, allowing larger spacecraft to carry their own short range fighter craft for attack and defense.
  • And much more to be announced.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons for Xbox One will launch Q2 2016 (yes that’s like now), featuring both 2.0: Planetary Landings and the forthcoming 2.1: The Engineers expansions.