Enter Rocket League’s new AquaDome soon


Independent developer and publisher, Psyonix have today announced a free new underwater themed arena, AquadDome, will be coming soon for a title that I’ve not had the opportunity to dip my toe into yet, Rocket League.

This new sub-aquatic stadium brings a whole host of lovely new fishy-themed visuals as well as featuring music by Drunk Girl. This glass-covered transparent dome on the seabed at the bottom of the ocean is surrounded by aquatic life. Watch the jellyfish, great white sharks and more lazily swim by, but don’t get too distracted, you might concede. The AquaDome can be an unforgiving place.

While this arena content will be completely free, the developer has also announced two new DLC vehicles that will be available in separately in the Showroom. The Proteus, pictured above and the Triton, pictured below may not be free, but will be relatively cheap at $1.99 per vehicle. A small price to pay.


More information on this content update is scarce at the minute, with Psyonix hoping to reveal more soon, which we, of course, bring you right up to date with.

One thing that we do know is that AquaDome will be available to play in-game from October at some point.

We’ll just have to content ourselves with this brief trailer to be going on with.

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