Epic Games Confirm Unreal Engine 4 Is Running On Next Gen Consoles Already


Epic Games vice president Mark Rein has dropped the next-gen bombshell by confirming that their mighty engine which powers hit games such as Gears of War, and Batman Arkham City is already running on next gen hardware.

At the DICE summit in Las Vegas this week, Rein confirmed that Epic would reveal Unreal Engine 4 later this year. The Unreal Engine 4 is also currently running with “systems we can’t name yet,” Rein is reported to have said during the DICE Awards.

Recently we reported that alpha forms of the next-generation Xbox console which could be named “XBOX 8” – not 8 because it’s the eighth Xbox, but because it’s the eighth generation home console and heavily shares the same software as upcoming Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. It was reported to us that the next-gen console was on display by invite only during CES 2012, running a version of Battlefield 3 in next-gen visuals – most likely to be up on par with current high-spec gaming PC’s.

Microsoft previously reported that there will be no next-gen Xbox announcement at E3 2012, but then again we also remember the amount of times they denied an Xbox 360 Slim console before that was the surprise of E3 2010!

(part via NowGamer)

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  1. Anyone it could have something to do with windows 8? I think its better then 720 and its higher then (PS)4

  2. Like si estas aquí por Ángel.

  3. Arrêtez le spamming sanglante

  4. Epic was referring to the WiiU

  5. Surely not haha… they've said since this was first posted that the next-gen Xbox will use an improved version of Unreal Engine 3 initially… so I can't see the Wii U having it…

    To be honest, since the Wii U is meant to be coming out this year – I am yet to meet anyone who is remotely interested in it…but could all change come E3

  6. like por angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sony will be dead soon enough. All hail Xbox, TO INFINITY!

    Ans whoever this Angel guy/girl is, F off!

  8. Not like microsoft cares about the games anymore anyway, its all about kidnect and apps… Sony has gained so much ground in the hearts of gamers i'm not sure next gen people will buy this Xbox 8
    PSN+ members get 10-30 free arcade and full games per month
    they get massive sales on dozens of DLC, arcade, and fulll games.
    Playstation home is awesome, xbox avatars are not.

    Microsoft needs to focus on games, and on matching the PSN+ deals. I would have loved to get awesome-naughts for free on xbox like PSN+ members got. http://onlytruegamers.blogspot.com/

    for the state of the xbox post.

  9. Why the hell would they call it Xbox 8? Microsoft had nothing to do with the Atari, or the NES, or Sega Master System, or any other console that came before the Xbox. They haven't earned an "8" yet.

    Also, as much as I'd like it to be true, I still don't think that either new console, be it Microsoft's or Sony's, will be able to match current PC hardware. They have to sell these things at a price people will pay, and the specs required to be "on par with current high-spec gaming PC's" will push the price of the consoles well above $1k, even if they were to sell them at a huge loss.

  10. It’s an infinity symbol on its side…

  11. AngelySaras SPAIN!

  12. It's called the xbox 8 because you turn 8 cardinal directions and what away.

  13. Im interested.


  14. Im going to buy the next Xbox and the Wii U.

  15. Sony with name their console PlayStation 9000. Xbox will die.

  16. yes sony has lost hope on a 30 mb/s 5,400 rpm hard drive next gen games in 2015 will have a 150 mb/s read write minum speed mandate soo yes game companies will inforece a read write speed for games soo buy buy too sonys 30 /s hard drive and wii 88 mb/s flash storage wii u 300 mb/s xbox 720 10,000 rpm veloici-raptor hard drive 300 mb/s

  17. hi there yes xbox 720 with 10,000 voloci-raptor 400 mb/s read wrte speeds vs ps4 will use intel ssd with 260 mb/s 220 mb/s write game companies say in 2015 consoles will have too meet 150 mb/s read write for nest gen games

  18. hi there next gen games have a 9,000 rpm hdd read write speed mandate at 150 mb/s read write

  19. That’s false information. By 2015, we’ll be strictly online and virtual. Disks will be simply a mere essence of the past..

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