Escape from Durgesh Prison in new Far Cry 4 DLC


Those wonderful people at Ubisoft. They know how to push the DLC buttons don’t they? Far Cry 4 is the latest title to get brand new DLC.

Called Escapse From Durgesh Prison, this is now available as either a standalone purchase, or as part of the Season Pass, if you’re lucky enough to have this.

In this new content, Ajay and Hurk find themselves prisoners of Yuma on the dangerous island of Kyrat. Stripped of their weapons and defenceless, they are set challenges by Pagan Min, to recover their weapons, upgrade their gear and reach the extraction point, holding off Yuma’s forces in a final showdown before they can escape.

Including C4, machine guns, grenade launchers and all of your skills, you get to play this, not only on your lonesome, but also in glorious co-op. Ubisoft say this is a true test of your survival skills, arm yourself as quickly as possible, complete a number of side-quests to reach your goal and be quick about it as this is a timed mission. That’s right, you have just 30 minutes to complete this, with a nice, long stand-off at the end to round it off nicely.

Think this isn’t possible, knowing the world of Far Cry? Well, Ubisoft have released a nice walkthrough to give you a few pointers. Have a look below.

Escape From Durgesh Prison is available now from the Xbox Store, check your console for regional pricing.

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