Escape with Apple Jack 2 in 2012

Apple Jack hates his boring job. Driven to near-insanity by the click-clack of the photocopier, he’s determined to leave it far behind (along with his clothes) and head for the beach. And so in Apple Jack 2 from My Owl Software, announced today, it’s up to Xbox 360 players to help him escape the drab mundanity of it all.

He’ll also need to escape from – well, DESTROY actually – evil pandas, washing machines, floating eyeballs and all the other nonsense gamers might remember from the first Apple Jack game, plus a host of new enemies.

Features include:

  • Three Worlds and over 60* highly varied levels.
  • Ride enemies, pick them up and hurl them at each other!
  • Ginormous bosses.
  • Rewind time to get yourself out of trouble.
  • Push big blocks around, flip switches, roll, wall jump, generate huge multipliers, collect vast amounts of fruit and more!

Apple Jack 2 is the second release from My Owl Software, a zero-budget development company powered only by odd ideas and love of games. Design, programming and graphics are all by Sycamore. Music for Apple Jack 2 was written and performed by Oxford band This Eden, among others.

The first Apple Jack was released in May 2010 to wide critical acclaim. The game received high scores from respected video game magazines and websites including Edge (8/10), Eurogamer (9/10) and the UK Official Xbox Magazine (5/5). Apple Jack has sold approximately 15,000 copies to date – why not search for it in Bing on the console or download here to try it for yourself?

Apple Jack 2 will be hurled on to the Xbox Live Indie Games service in early 2012.

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