EU: Gameshock TV Season 2 Returns Tonight on PokerChannel

2012 kicks into gear with the return UFC, the Darkness , Grand Slam Tennis, and the launch of the PlayStation Vita. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning does its level best to pry our addiction-receptors away from Skyrim, while they take a closer look at what else the year has in store.

Premieres in the UK and 30 European countries on Monday 20th February.
Hailed by one guy from the internet as the “gaming show that’s not unmitigated pants”, Gameshock TV is back on the box for a brand spanking new second series. Premiering in the UK tonight at 00:30am on Info TV (Sky 231), the show is also available in 30 countries across Europe via the Poker Channel.

Ahead of the coming Apocalypse, they look in depth at what promises to be one of mankind’s best (and possibly last) years for button bashing. The end of the world starts with a Big Bang  as Sony launch their much-vaunted Playstation Vita; Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning stakes its claim for destroying your social life; and there’s welcome returns for UFC Undisputed 3, and that twisted tribute to Norfolk’s favourite spandex-sporting rock gods, The Darkness II. As ever, Steve Hill dons his microphone-waving gloves, and the selfless act of reading out poorly-written links goes to Chris Hewitt (Empire magazineOrange Film Night, BBC’s Film 2011 – he also does weddings and bar mitzvahs, but only in the sense that he’ll turn up and eat the food).

20th 12.30am
23rd 11pm
29th 1am
2nd March 11.30pm

If you watch it, let us know…we’ll probably be on Call of Duty!

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