European Battlefield 4 Release Date Outed By EA


EA are absolutely great at leaking out their own information when it comes to updating their websites earlier than need be – cough cough Crysis 3! The latest leak this time comes from the German EA Games site that lists Battlefield 4 as having a release of October 31st 2013 in Europe.

The release date is also more likely to be for the current-gen systems as next gen platforms have not yet been officially dated. Previously we reported that Microsoft outed the Battlefield 4 release date in a blog-style post on the Xbox forums – this is now assumed to be for the North American release on October 29th 2013 with an EU date set for October 31st 2013.

We heard the news via N3RDABL3, but when EA do get round to making some official announcements soon – we’ll certainly keep you posted.

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