Evolve digital pre-order bonus announced

evolve 3

I like free stuff. Free stuff is always good.

Evidently, 2K Games also like giving away free stuff.  Pre-order the digital version of Evolve on the Xbox One and you’ll be getting the following extra content in the game.

  • Exclusive access to the monster Wraith
  • Hunter Parnell
  • Hunter Abe
  • Hunter Caira
  • Hunter Cabot

As if this wasn’t incentive enough, you’ll get access to these in the Xbox One exclusive beta, which launches on the 15th of January.

To qualify for this unlocked content, you’ll need to place your digital pre-order before or during the beta period, so, hurry, you’ve only got a few days left.

Other players will have to work to unlock these characters, so you’ll have, not only some experience in playing the game when it’s released, but the helping hand of extra characters for support.

The beta, as mentioned, is out on January the 15th, with the game itself scheduled for release on the 10th of February.


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