Evolve: Four New Hunters Revealed for Game

Evolve Hunters


Meet the newest Hunters preparing to take on Golaith on October 21st as ‘Evolve’ introduces us to four new characters for the game:

  • Hyde – Assault Class – Hyde carries a mini-gun capable of turning forests into tossed salads, but it’s his secondary weapon that does the most damage; a flamethrower built into his left arm.
  • Maggie – Trapper Class – Maggie can deploy Mobile Arenas; these cage-like domes are great for temporarily enclosing the target in a small space. Maggie also brings her pet Daisy into the mix. Daisy can revive team-mates and also track down targets.
  • Lazarus – Medic Class – Lazarus is a sniper-rifle-equipped healer who has the ability to bring dead team-mates back to life as well as healing the team.
  • Bucket – Support Class – Bucket is the only non human hunter character. A Robot with the ability to launch Guided missiles and deploy Sentry Guns. He also has the unique ability to remove his head and fly it as a UAV to track down the monster, relying on his cloaking ability to prevent his body being vulnerable during flight.

The more I read about this game the more I am falling in love with its 4 Vs 1 dynamic. At a hands on preview event earlier this year, I was able to experience both sides of the game. First as a hunter where team work and communication is key to success and felt natural to do some more then in any other game I have played, then as Golaith, the monster, working to evolve quickly to not only survive the oncoming attack by the Hunter Team but also to go on the offensive. The playing style is amazing with a pace that keeps you on the edge from start to finish.

I though the original line up of Hunters; Val (Medic), Markov (Assault), Griffin (Trapper) and Hank (Support) were awesome enough, but these new Hunters, especially Maggie with her pet Daisy, truly open up the different playing styles a player can experiment with in order to build the best Hunter team possible. The game can be played offline, with AI taken control of the other characters and monster if need be, but the true ‘Evolve’ experience will be by taking this game online, where team work will be key, and the challenge of the player controlling Golaith to take on the human team of Hunters will quickly become very addictive.

‘Evolve’ was revealed yesterday to be releasing on Xbox One on October 21st.

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