Evolve gets some free DLC with Arena Mode

In this new free DLC, Evolve has managed to entice its fans with five fixed dome arenas across 14 maps, that is 70 different venues to prove you are the best. Monsters will spawn in as stage 2 beasts with no less than 50% armor, there is also wildlife around to feed on to make it to stage 3 (sounds hard but not impossible). This will be the best of 3 hardcore fights from the get go, all characters will spawn with one perk but the hunters are locked in to whatever and whoever they choose at the start while the monster has the ability to change abilities between rounds. The dome does not come down so that is one less job for your trapper, however, there are no respawns until a new round begins so team play and a good medic seems logical!

Check it out right here and get in the game!

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