Evolve launch event – London

London’s Barbican Centre was a sea of Red tonight, as Turtle Rock unleashed the beast at the Launch of Evolve. As you can probably imagine the room we all gathered in was red, really red.

Once I managed to bag a seat I primed myself with a controller and started out as one of the medics, I struggled in the beta possibly due to the fact that I didn’t gel with my tea, but this time it round it wasn’t to be the case, despite my skills being quite rusty I managed to combine with my teammates to take down the monster. I’ll admit to having more fun than I was expecting, you never feel like you have any chance against this huge beast that seems to get stronger and stronger, but work together and you have that fighting chance.

I spent a fair bit of time watching some brilliant matches, and the reactions from the two sides were really entertaining, if Evolve is going to do well it’s because you are never quite sure who is going to come out on top. If Turtle Rock can maintain that balance there could be some good game nights ahead.

It wasn’t long before the tournaments began, the competition was fierce and although I didn’t take part it was fun to watch, I got the feeling that this could actually fit into the eSports arena quite well. There was a masterclass in Evolve from gaming broadcaster Sacriel before the guests had to chance to talk to the developers on the US via Skype.

Everyone at the event seemed to be having a good time and hopefully Evolve will enjoy a successful launch! We hope to receive a review copy soon and once we have had some proper time with it we’ll let you know what we think.

I have to give a huge thumbs up to the Venue, the Barbican is an awesome place, with so many things to do, if you get the chance to visit then do!

Big thanks to Xbox and 2K for a great evening.

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