Explore space with friends in Astroneer

Explore space with friends in Astroneer


Some folk are worried that games about space and space travel are now ten-a-penny. We’ve got the recently released Star Trek Online, Elite and Starpoint Gemini for starters. We crave something that little bit different, something a little cooperative, a little more interactive  When we get something like that and it looks as good and seems as fun as System Era’s newly announced Astroneer, perhaps the folk should be thinking a little like ‘the more the merrier’.

Astroneer is billed as a game about space exploration and creativity. You control a single Astroneer in the hope of discovering all you can about the planet that you are currently on. During the course of this, you can meet up with fellow space-adventurers and go on a hunt for fortune and adventure.

Use the tools in your inventory and collaborate with your friends to build bases, find hidden treasures and artifacts and terraform the Play-Doh like planetary surface to discover valuable resources. Re-shape the world as you see fit, using the tools at your disposal. Nothing is off limits, every inch of the planet is yours to access. Create great megaliths for future generations to ponder or excavate huge underground caverns. It’s entirely your decision in this 25th Century equivalent of the Gold Rush.

Astroneer will be best enjoyed as a co-operative experience, though, with you and up to three friends online. This whole experience will be brought together by the team at System Era, hailing from Seattle and who include former members of some pretty big development teams, including 343 Industries and Ubisoft.

The even better news regarding Astroneer, is not only is it being considered as the natural Xbox One version of No Man’s Sky, oh no, but that it is coming to the Xbox One Preview Program in December of this year.

Who’s up for a little planetary exploration?

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