Exploring the CAR of the Future


When it comes to launching a new game, and capturing the minds of the next generation of gamers, drivers and designers, Bandai Namco have it nailed. This week they’ve teamed up with Explore Learning, the leading provider of English and maths tuition to launch a nationwide competition in honour of the launch of Project CARS. They’ll be asking thousands of UK children one simple question; what will be racing cards of the future look like?

The aim of the competition is to find the most unique and well-designed car of the future from the next generation of drivers and gamers. The judge, world famous professional racing driver Nicolas Hamilton, will select the winning design and then meet and present the prize to the aspiring designer.


The prize itself is a good one! The winner will receive a framed picture of their design, a certificate, the chance to meet Nicolas Hamilton and… a…. PlayStation 4. (We are grinning through gritted teeth at this point but the generosity hasn’t gone unnoticed.)

Lee Kirton, PR and Marketing Whizz (or Director to you and I) at Bandai Namco had the following to say;

We’re thrilled to team up with Explore Learning on CAR of the future. Dreams, fun and inspiration are what games are all about; by engaging with Explore Learning members, we aim to inspire the next generation of designers.

5 runners up in the competition will be rewarded with a bagful of Bandai Namco goodies.

We are always looking for new ways to encourage creativity and engage the imaginations of our members and what better way than to invite them to think about how racing cars might look and operate in the future? One of the main reasons that parents bring their children along to Explore Learning is to help their confidence so they can overcome challenges they come up against whilst learning.  Nicolas is a great role model for young people; he’s showing them they can overcome any obstacles to gain success.

said Carey Ann Dodah, Head of Curriculum at Explore Learning.

We love this idea and no doubt both Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios will be watching the winner and 5 runner ups very closely in the future for potential job offers! Good luck and we cannot wait to see the winning entries.

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