Fable : Anniversary – Lionhead Acknowledge Launch Issues with game



Fable Anniversary was released on Xbox 360 yesterday, and sadly a good few players have been experiencing stability issues with the game already. Players have been reporting on social media and on the official Lionhead forums of console lock ups and freezing and Lionhead have responded quickly by asking those experiencing problems to fill out their Bug Report form to submit any issues they are having so they can quickly work on a title update to help resolve them.

Lionhead Community Manager @LHhohbes  has posted the following on their forums to acknowledge the issues:

Hello Chicken Chasers!

First of all – thanks very much to everyone who’s reported bugs so far in the Bug Reporting Template thread. The info you’ve provided has been hugely helpful for the team as they investigate. 

Our number one priority at the moment is to make sure the stability issues you are experiencing are fixed. We’ve been working hard over the past few days to track down and identify the issues which cause your games to freeze/lock up (we know how annoying that is). 

We’ve identified some potential stability issues that may be the cause of your lockups/freezes, and there will be another title update to patch the game and hopefully fix those. Of course, the process of creating a title update isn’t instantaneous and we want to be very careful not to cause any further issues by rolling out such an update, therefore thorough testing is necessary before push anything out publicly. There’s no current ETA on when this title update will be available, however I will endeavour to get updates for you as regularly as possible in this thread, and as soon as I can give a time frame I will be sure to let you know. 

The focus currently is on fixing stability issues – but rest assured we are keeping a close eye on all other reported issues and we’ll aim to fix as many of those as we can too. 

Once again thanks so much for all your input/feedback – it’s genuinely incredible to see so many sensible, level headed people here on the forums.


Whilst there has been no date or ETA on a title update to resolve the issues being experienced, Lionhead have acknowledged them and looking to path the game ASAP with the help of players submitting bug reporting, so I suggest that if you are experiencing any issues with Fable: Anniversary, to go to the forums and submit a bug report form and help other players and Lionhead resolve the issues quickly.

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