Fable Legends Beta To A Select Few Today


Lionhead Studios have unleashed the fabulous and totally addictive multiplayer of Fable Legends on to a select group of players in their closed Beta prior to the games release. We had a hands-on session at Gamescom this year and can not recommend it enough!

For details on how to get involved you can take a ganders over the Fable Legends Blog page:

“First and foremost, this will be a real Closed Beta test and we want your help to make Fable Legends the incredible experience we’re aiming for. We’re inviting fans to help test the game as early in the development process as possible; not only do we want your help with identifying bugs, glitches and crashes, we also want to hear your ideas, feedback and suggestions!

With that in mind, on October 16th we’ll be inviting a handful of players to help test a very small slice of Fable Legends gameplay. These testers will be given the opportunity to provide detailed feedback on key areas of the game, and as we progress through the coming months we’ll gradually introduce more content and new features to be tested in the Beta.

If you’re not invited to test right away, don’t panic! With more content being introduced we’ll need more people to help test, and so further waves of invitations will be sent out as Beta progresses. Ultimately we hope to have a significant portion of our registrants in game before we leave Closed Beta.”

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