Fallout 4 Pip-Boy GAME preorders lost by courier

It appears that many disgruntled customers still waiting for their Pip-Boy editions (myself included) will have to wait a littler longer…

After talking with someone on the GAME online chat this morning, I was informed that DPD, the courier service delivering the coveted collector’s edition to our doors, has misplaced a delivery batch which GAME sent on November 6. However, this vital information has not been made public, and I only know this by contacting GAME directly.

I was reassured that there are spare copies, which will be sent out as soon as possible, and I should be receiving my Pip-Boy by Monday November 16, nearly one whole week since the launch of Fallout 4.

You can view the full transcript below:

10:46:42 – Server said : Please wait. An operator will be with you shortly. If you are contacting us regarding an online order please have your order number ready.

10:46:42 – Name Removed said : Hello Cat. My name is Name Removed how can I help you?

10:46:51 – Cat said : Hi

10:47:01 – Cat said : I would like to know where my Fallout 4 order is please

10:47:11 – Name Removed said : of course. Have you got the order number for me?

10:47:24 – Cat said : Sure, it’s [removed]

10:51:15 – Cat said : Is that ok?

10:51:34 – Name Removed said : ok I’ve just checked that for you

10:52:12 – Cat said : Great

10:52:19 – Name Removed said : I’m really sorry we’ve discovered today that DPD has misplaced a delivery batch we sent on 06/11/15. I have sent a request for the stock to immediately resent (hopefully in todays post)

10:52:34 – Cat said : Right…

10:52:43 – Name Removed said : We do have spares to allocate for this kind of situation and I have allocated one against your account

10:52:52 – Cat said : How long will this take?

10:52:52 – Name Removed said : I’m so sorry for the delay with this

10:53:19 – Name Removed said : If we can get that prepared for today’s collection it willl be with you either tomorrow or Saturday

10:53:28 – Cat said : Ok

10:53:30 – Name Removed said : If it leaves us tomorrow either Saturday or Monday

10:53:36 – Name Removed said : I’m so sorry I can’t speed this up

10:53:43 – Cat said : That’s ok, it’s not your fault

10:53:44 – Name Removed said : This missing batch has been a bit of a nightmare!

10:53:49 – Cat said : I bet!

10:53:58 – Name Removed said : anything else I can help with today>?

10:54:20 – Cat said : Will it be reposted to the original address?

10:54:55 – Name Removed said : that’s right

10:55:33 – Cat said : Ok, great…

[UPDATE] My_Outer_Heaven, has posted on N4G in response to this that:

“More fuel for the fire: After being on hold for over an hour I just finally got in contact with someone via phone and I told them I have not received my order yet.

After some digging around the guy that was tracking my order down told me that DPD have lost a whole batch of orders. Lost huh?, more like stolen!

They gave me a choice of cancelling for a full refund or sending a replacement, I opted for the latter obviously. I preordered back in June during E3 2015.

It seems DPD or Game have some answering to do.. how does a whole batch of orders get lost?! Cancelling is one thing but losing a whole batch of dispatched orders is really strange!”

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