Fallout 76 detailed at the Bethesda E3 show – launches on November 14th 2018

Todd Howard took to the stage to detail Fallout 76 to the world at the Bethesda E3 conference.

Fallout 76 is an online game only and every character you meet in the world is another human player. However it can be played solo with the playe able to take on quests much like any other Fallout game. Each world will only contain dozens of other players, not hundreds and thousands. Death doesn’t mean that progression is lost, as it will simply carry over to another server.

There is also the building mechanic, much like the settlement feature of Fallout 4, which can also be moved around. Also included are Nuclear Missiles, the ultimate defence against attacks!  To use these will require multiple characters to gain the launch codes.

Vault 76 opens on reclamation day and was home to the best and brightest minds. Your character leaves the vault to the world of West Virginia. It features an all new rendering and lighting system to give the best quality graphics ever seen in a Fallout game. Fallout 76 also features all new enemies and will run on 100% dedicated servers.

A beta will be available as a Break-it Early Test Application. Fallout 76 will have a Collectors edition with a Glow In The Dark map, figures and a useable T-51 Power Armour Helmet. Fallout 76 will launch on November 14th 2018.


Fallout Shelter was also confirmed to be released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch for free and are available now!

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