Fallout Beer review

With Fallout 4 a mere couple of days away from release, fans are getting in the mood for exploring the wasteland by listening to the OST and even drinking Fallout branded beer. I’ve been preparing for the wasteland with the latter. So, how did the Fallout Beer turn out?

Rather well, it turns out. A pleasant flavour of hops, grains, pine needles, sorrel and Danish summer apples floods your senses as you take a gulp, with the bitterness of the hops harmoniously balanced by the apple-like sweetness.

Fallout 4 Beer 1

The singleplayer experience is a well-paced one, quickly leading to a dizzying sensation, slurred speech and blurred visuals. I did encounter a couple of game-breaking bugs, such as highly inappropriate phrases spewing from my mouth as well as a powerful urge to hump anything that moved – team mates included.

The multiplayer experience differs depending on how many players get involved. It supports a maximum of 12 local players, providing a single level of inebriation with a thirst for more. Unfortunately, t’s all over very quickly and is therefore better suited to two player cooperative play.

The big let-down comes from the bottle’s aesthetics. The labels are crudely stuck on and sport a fairly austere design. Meanwhile the bottle caps have no artwork at all, feeling like a massive missed opportunity.

In the end it’s fairly over-priced, re-labelled set of 12 bottles of Carlsberg Pilsner larger.

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