Fallout Shelter coming to Xbox One next week

Coming out of nowhere, last year’s hit mobile management sim, Fallout Shelter, will be launching on Xbox One on February the 7th.

Like it’s mobile version, Fallout Shelter on Xbox One will be free-to-play, allowing you to build your dream Vault and protect a variety of citizens from the horrors and radioactive fallout of the wasteland above. Moreover, The Xbox One version will support Play Anywhere, allowing you to take your save and play between Xbox One and Windows 10 seamlessly.

If you played the mobile version around launch last year and since put it down, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the new additions, including pets, character from Fallout 4, crafting, and new quests. That and it’s re-worked controls for the Xbox One controller should make this management sim a tempting time sink when it hits digital shelves early next week.

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