Fan Funded “Call of Duty The Movie” Looking For Actors and Budget

Diesel Productions, a little known team based in South Wales are currently in the process of acquiring a budget to create a fan-made professionally produced movie based on the Modern Warfare story of the Call of Duty franchise.

The Director quotes this as a “fan funded film loosley based on the Game featuring some of the characters from call of duty, the film is written by Actor Tony Laidlaw, the film is going to be crowd funded once all the actors are in place…” Local Actors, or those who can travel to location are expected to audition for the parts soon as detailed below.

The current acting positions available are:

Cpt Price / Male / 31-40 yrs. / Caucasian

Cpt Price, Price is known as being grumpy and serious in every mission, while cracking insults and jokes along the way. In the beginning of every British campaigns, Price will start to rat out the protagonist with these insults, like the way he mocked Soap and doubting his skills to pass as an SAS, or how he yells at Davis for not taking cover from the German fire. These insults, combine with his crude English accent, makes up many of the series’ memorable quotes

Soap / Male / 25-30 yrs. / Caucasian

‘Soap’ Not much is known about Soap’s early life except he was born Roman Catholic (as seen on his dog tags). He is from Scotland, which is evident by the Scottish flag seen on his dog tags, along with his Scottish accent. Military career Soap’s ‘Red notice’ shows that he served with the 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment prior to joining the SAS, with at least one tour in Northern Ireland.

Ghost / 31-40 yrs. / Caucasian

‘Ghost’ seen wearing dark red sunglasses and a skull-patterned balaclava along with headphones with a miche is an ex serving SAS operator

Filming is expected to start late August 2012 in South Wales (UK). No indication was given on when or how we can view the final piece once completed…

More to report once complete (hopefully)

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