Fantasy digital board game Armello coming to Xbox One

Fantasy digital board game Armello coming to Xbox One

Armello, the fantasy board game from League of Geeks is finally coming to the Xbox One. Already enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of PC and PS4 gamers Armello is a swashbuckling adventure that combines RPG elements with the strategic play of card and board games, creating a personal, story-fuelled experience.

You, play as a ‘Hero’ from one of the four animal clans: Rat, Rabbit, Bear or Wolf, navigating your fully animated 3D character across the board with one ultimate end goal in mind — storming the palace and becoming King or Queen of Armello. Quest, scheme, explore, Vanquish monsters, perform the Mad King’s royal edicts, and face off against other players in this epic adventure.

But it doesn’t end there and alongside the games release on August 30th, League of Geeks will also be releasing the first DLC for Armello, titled The Usurpers Hero Pack. The Usurpers Hero Pack will introduces four new playable characters, one from each of the four animal clans, into the game bringing the total number of heroes up to 12. Each character has their own unique stats and Hero Powers, further diversifying the playstyles and strategies of the core game.

The Usurpers Hero Pack includes:

  • Elyssia, Wardress of Warrens: A hero of the Rabbit Clan who can permanently fortify settlements with her “Architect” ability, granting Elyssia greater control of the daily gold reward for holding settlements. While not the strongest in straightforward fights, her high Wits stat and ability to monopolize Armello’s economy make her very dangerous.
  • Magna, the Unbroken: A tank-like Wolf Clan member with the Hero Power, “Shield Maiden,” which allows her to reflect attacks. Magna’s high Body and Fight stats in combination with Shield Maiden is ideally suited for players who focus on combat.
  • Ghor, The Wyldkin: A Bear Clan hero whose magic draws strength from forests. His Hero Power, “Conduit,” allows him to cast spells for one less magic per adjacent forest, and enables him to cast to any woodland tiles on the board. This powerful ability, is ideal for stealthy spell play.
  • Sargon, The Death Teller: The latest addition to the Rat Clan has evenly balanced stats, but his Hero Power, “Veil Gazer,” makes him a very appealing choice to cerebral players. Sargon has the ability to see cards before they’re drawn, giving him a strategic advantage over every other character.

In addition to the new heroes, each of the four animal clans also receives a new Clan Ring, which can be equipped to provide benefits and powerful boosts to the base stats of a hero.

Armello and the Unsurpers Hero Pack DLC will both release for the Xbox One on the 30th August, priced at $19.99 & $9.99 accordingly. For further information on the game and the up and coming DLC, check out the Official Game Site.