Feature Update announced for Rock Band 4

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It’s not even out yet and Harmonix have already announced a feature update for the much-anticipated Rock Band 4.

Coming to Xbox One in December, the update will be free to all players and will feature that the musically-inclined community have requested, “Variable Breakneck Speed”. This will allow players to control the note scrolling speeds for each track independently.

Steve Janiak, CEO of Harmonix;

With the core game already shipping to retailers for an October 6th launch, we’re excited to start looking at the future of Rock Band for our fans. We already have a team hard at work building new features for the platform, some based on player feedback, along with some surprises, including a new mode that changes gameplay in a really significant way that we think people are going to love.

Product Manager, Daniel Sussman adds;

We’ve said that we’re viewing Rock Band 4 as a platform that we will build on over time and this first feature update is just the beginning; we can’t wait to share more details after launch.

You can start melting faces with Rock Band 4 from the 6th of October.

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