FIFA 14 for Xbox One Graphic Engine To Power Future Sports Titles


EA Sports latest football title FIFA 14 has pioneered the new Ignite Engine for Xbox One and all future EA Sports titles will utilise this next-gen graphics engine. This means that NBA Live, Madden NFL 25 and the new mixed-martial arts franchise UFC will all be powered by Ignite and all available on Xbox One.

Ignite was unveiled at a Microsoft Xbox One Games Preview Showcase recently and EA confirmed that they plan to utilise the engine for all sports gaming releases over the next 8 years. The visual difference on a game utilising Ignite is immediately noticeable and EA has tripled their investment in animation in the last year, purely to create more hyper-realistic effects and AI. In FIFA 14 over 1000 new animations where created, with 200 of them specific to goal scoring, and the crowds and players actions are now more in sync than ever before.

Fanboys are going to have to be even faster in response times as player actions will change according to the situations they are placed in, and there are 4 times more calculations per second than in previous EA Sports games. Gamers who need to work on getting reaction time up and acclimatise themselves to a faster pace should try playing the best Canadian mobile casino games at to ensure they are ready for games that demand lightening fast reflexes and instant decision making.

Ignite is set to improve animation depth and detail, and for the first time ever 3D crowds and dynamic sidelines will have a massive impact on game play. The atmosphere will change according to the progress of the match and a player’s sense of urgency will increase as the pressure builds. The perks of the next-gen software are huge and new camera angles, clothing movement, facial expressions and physical movement go way beyond the current grade.

EA Sports have created virtual athletes in a hyper-realistic environment and Ignite fuels this dynamic to the max. Everything about FIFA 14 is more realistic and believable, and on Xbox Live the daily stream of new content will impact the game as it’s played.

Ignite-powered Xbox One versions of FIFA 14 is out now, but Madden NFL 25, UFC and NBA Live 14 are all launching over the next 12 months- The wait is almost over!

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